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I speak following languages:

German - as my mother tongue

English - as my first foreign language, which has brought myself professionally up to Mumbay,

Hungarian - as the mother language of my wife and the favorite language of my younger daughter

Czech - which I started to learn because of professional needs some years ago

Slovak - according to Czech

French - the favorite language of my older daughter, which took me one year of hard work but also much pleasure - I am very fond in this language

Italian - one very intensive year of learning too,  now a bit behind french, but mostly I like to sing in this language

Spanish - I have been starting it, when last year I spent a week on Teneriffa, and I had much fun using it. My vocabulary is very much limited, but that's relative as it is in all other foreign languages too.

Russian - a few words have still remained from my first course in Russian, but in my memory I still have those days before my eyes, when I was learning Czech in Upper Austria and at the same time some people have learned Russian there. These days, especially the Russian tea-evenings, I will never forget.


It has to be implicitness to mention, that all these languages I speak are on different levels, one more in reference of business use, some others in reference of personal use. 

Do you think I would speak one of them perfectly, would you? Okay, in German we could discuss about, I think I speak it really well, but perfectly? My sight of view is, that almost no-one is able to speak a foreign language perfectly. Later on at this site I will give you some examples, please be patient until then.

I am a so called "typical Viennese", which will only understand those people, who are a bit closer to Austrian history. In particular it does mean, that my grandparents by two parts were Czech workers, by one part Austrian farmers and by one part Hungarian bourgeois. (That sounds to be a good mix, isn't it?) 

Do you think, I could have been able to profit from linguistic heredity? No, I am sorry, that's wrong. Here are the examples therefore:

Czech language: As I have had five years I have spent half a year in an Czech Kindergarten, but never before and never between this time I did speak any Czech. What a pity, when I remember back to the time many years later, when I have been learning Czech for professional reasons.

Hungarian language: The first time I was in Budapest I was two years old. In my school years in my holidays I have spent many weeks there too and I know it and I like it much. (The same as with Prague.) But as for the language I really did'nt like it. This has changed completely when many years later I was in Budapest for visiting a football-match Hungary against Austria in 1973, when I have met my later wife. Then it was necessary to learn and afterwards to appreciate this language much.

All the other languages I have learned step by step then and with each of them my affection for foreign languages has grown more and more. So I found my own and efficient way to learn them.

Some of the parts to this way I want to show you too, so that you personally can share this way too. For me it was and it is a way of fun and of self-determination, so why should'nt it work with you too? 


What ist your way to foreign-languages? - Let us know too, please.

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