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01 - Explanations

02 - Language Courses / Software

03 - Language Institutes

04 - Publisher of Materials for Learning Foreign Languages

05 - How to Learn Learning

06 - Online Resources for Learning Languages

07 - Software Programs and Other Resources for Learning to Learn Effectively

08 - Contacts for Learning Languages - Tandem-Learning

09 - Education and Languages

10 - Translation on the Web

11 - Studying and Learning Languages Abroad

12 - Foreign languages for professional use

13 - Media 

14 - Vocabulary on the Web

15 - Other Interesting Things on the Web Regarding Languages

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17 - Connoiseurs, Artists, Polyglots and Language Genius

18 - Curiosities and Museum of Languages

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17 - Connoiseurs, Artists, Polyglots and Language Genius

General links about this topic: 

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_polyglots#Highest_Claims - Wikipedia about Multilingualism

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savant_syndrome - Savant syndrome

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multilingualism - Multilingualism

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyglotism - Polyglotism

- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17101370 - BBC News - The cult of the hyperpolyglot

List of Polyglots

- Alexander Arguelles - A scholar in the field of foreign languages ​​who speaks 36 languages fluently. He is not only in the capacity as polyglot worth mentioning but also because he gives advice and assistance to people in learning foreign languages in several web forums.
There are several interesting links telling about him, here are some of them:
-- http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/forum/forum_...
-- http://www.foreignlanguageexpertise.com/ 

- Bowring - Sir John Bowring was an English economist, Governor of Hong Kong, traveler, writer and polyglot. He knew about 200 languages and spoke 100 of them himself. His biography is very interesting and impressive. 

- Burton - Sir Richard Francis Burton was an English explorer and much more and he spoke 29 European, Asian and African languages.

- Doner - Thimothy Doner - The young man from New York, barely 16 years old (2013), speaks fluently 23 languages. It is especially interesting that he acquires his language skills primarily through actively applying the languages, i.e. in conversation with other learners. Here you can see for yourself how good are his languages: 

-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOiXtWcQ8GI&list=TLJHD8knfd8Ps -

- Fazah - Ziad Fazah is passed for being the greatest living linguist. The article on Wikipedia is very interesting. 

- Lorenzo Hervás y Panduro - a Spanish Jesuit priest, has reportedly spoken to the 40 languages.

- Jacobson - Hermann Jacobsohn was a German linguist who spoke about 30 languages and dialects. (Info available only in German language).

- Krebs - Emil Krebs was a German polyglot and sinologist who was said to master 68 languages in speech and writing and studied 120 other languages (acc.to Wikipedia).

- Kató Lomb was born in Hungary (Pécs), Hungarian interpreter, translator and one of the first simultaneous interpreters of the world. She worked in 16 different languages, taught it to herself. For her, it was not only important to learn languages herself, but to encourage others to do so, also to learn languages. She wrote several books on this subject.

One of it - How I Learn Languages - you can read here:  http://www.cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp/information/tesl-ej/ej45/tesl-ej.ej45.fr1.pdf

- Brendan Richard "Benny" Lewis is an Irish author, polyglot, and blogger who defines himself as a "technomad language hacker".
-- His website: https://www.fluentin3months.com/ 

- Rafael Merry del Val - Kurienkardinal der r. k. Kirche,  seine Fremdsprachenkenntnisse erlangten Berühmtheit: Er beherrschte insgesamt 63 Fremdsprachen (inklusive Dialekte), die meisten davon fließend.

- Mesic - Mesic Muhammed - was born 1984 in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, is able to communicate in 56 languages. Remarkable are his view about languages in general and his commitment. Please read yourself.

- Mezzofanti - Guiseppe Mezzofanti was an Italian Catholic cardinal and famed linguist and he spoke 38 languages and 50 dialects fluently while also having proficiency in many other languages with a lesser fluency. (acc. to Wikipedia). My personal comments: 
- In the German issue of Wikipedia he has understood 57 languages and 12 of them he has spoken. 
- In the French issue you can read following words:  Il était capable de traduire les ouvrages en 117 langues et 72 dialectes = He was able to translate the work into 117 languages and 72 dialects. 
- The Italian issue: ... si diceva parlasse fluentemente 39 lingue e 50 dialetti. = He spoke 38 languages and 50 dialects fluently 
- and the Russian issue =  что он владеет 38 языками и 50 диалектами is according to the English version.

- Pimsleur - Dr. Paul Pimsleur has developed his own method for teaching and learning of foreign languages. This method is taught now by the https://www.pimsleur.com/, which is, according to the website http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/,  the best course which is available.

- Friedrich Rückert - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_R%C3%BCckert - 1788 > 1866 - was one of the founders of the German Orientalism, dealt according to Wikipedia.de with 44 languages, this teaching, translating and linguistically. (Please copy the link.)

- Schliemann - Heinrich Schliemann was a German trader who spoke up to thirty foreign languages. "Schliemann wrote his diary in the language of whatever country he happened to be in."  He was the explorer of Troy. 

- Tammet Daniel Paul - A Savant, speaks approx. 10 languages fluently and needs for learning a new language evidential approx. 1 week! - The official website of Daniel Tammet also offers linguistic courses.

- Taylor Christopher - According to Wikipedia, an autistic savant who can understand 25 languages, writing, reading and is more or less fluent in ten of them (she. Link above - wikipedia, Savant syndrome).

- Tholuck - Friedrich August Gottreu Tholuck was a German Protestant Church leader who has mastered already 19 languages when he was seventeen years old.

- Michel Thomas - born Moniek Moshe, was a polyglot linguist and language teacher. Among others he taught many well-known personalities from politics, diplomacy, and film, but mostly he has developed its own method of language learning. Soon more under methods.

- Toporek - Martin Toporek is a linguist who was Austrian top-performance athlete in the discipline of Racewalking, where he was multiple Austrian master, winner of bronze medal at the European indoor championship 1982 and has actively joined the Olympic games twice (Moscow 1980 and LA 1984). Later he has joined the national athletic team of the German Democratic Republic as a trainer where he had many possibilities to develop his own method of learning and teaching languages. Now he teaches languages with his own method - MTI 1908 - in his institute in Vienna. He speaks about 20 languages fluently.

- Vandewalle - Johann Vandewalle is a Belgium architect from Brügge and he masters 22 living languages. He has been honored with the "Price of Babel".

Would you know any person who is worthy to be mentioned here too?
So please let me know. Thank you.

Books about Bilingualism

- Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education Author - for UK - for DE

18 - Curiosities and Museum of Languages

- http://www.tongue-twister.net/ - 1th International Collection of Tongue Twisters - xxxxx

- http://www.language-museum.com/ - This website offers you samples of 2000 languages - eng

- Do you know other curiosities they could fit into this category? - So please let me know. Thank you.

19 - Is there anything else, something I forgot or something you want me to add?

Are you missing here some information? Would you like me to provide other themes for you? Do you have other or even better ideas? - That is super, please tell them to me and I will supplement these sheets, okay?

Please let me know about obsolete and invalid links too. Thanks.

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