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The General Link Collection for Languages

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The Internet is very much alive. So some of the links they had been valid until yesterday today maybe are not anymore.available. I will try to do my utmost to keep them up-to-date, but I am sure that there will be - apart from all the mistakes too - always something to adjust at any time.

Please be so kind to tell me about all links which you guess they are wrong. Thank you so much.

01 - Explanations

02 - Language Courses / Software

03 - Language Institutes

04 - Publisher of Materials for Learning Foreign Languages 

05 - How to Learn Learning

06 - Online Resources for Learning Languages

07 - Software Programs and Other Resources for Learning to Learn Effectively

08 - Contacts for Learning Languages - Tandem-Learning

09 - Education and Languages

10 - Translation on the Web

11 - Studying and Learning Languages Abroad

12 - Foreign languages for professional use

13 - Media 

14 - Vocabulary on the Web

15 - Other Interesting Things on the Web Regarding Languages

16 - ... this could be helpful too 

17 - Connoiseurs, Artists, Polyglots and Language Genius

18 - Curiosities and Museum of Languages

19 - Is there anything else, something I forgot or something you want me to add?

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You are looking for links to a specific language?
Please look under languages and the name of the language you wish to find. If it isn't available so please let me know. Thank's!

Please note:

* This collection of links is somehow a bit one-sided which should mean from the view of a mainly German language using person. I am sure that there are many other links from the view of people with another mother tongue which I do not know yet. But please be sure, I'll do my best to find out as much of them as I can, maybe with your help too. Thanks therefore in advance.

* This Website is mainly published in English language, but is generally aligned for international use. Therefore some particulars may be strange to people with English tongue. If there are some obvious mistakes so I am very sorry, but please let me know then. Thank you. 

This list will be continuously complemented, mistakes and changes as soon as possible after recognizing improved. Please tell me if you will find mistakes and obsolete links. Thank you very much.

New this month - July 2019

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01 - Explanations

Basic Language
eng - deu - ita - spa - fra - rus - hun - cze - .....

xxxxx - more than 20 languages

xxxx - 10 languages and more

xxx - 5 languages and more

Language of Learning
eng - deu - ita - spa - fra - rus - hun - cze - .....

xxxxx - more than 20 languages

xxxx - 10 languages and more

xxx - 5 languages and more

02 - Foreign Languages - Language Courses
for Autodidacts / Self-learning

Special Tip for Language Software:

- Language Software Reviews - The Best Language Learning Software 2013

On this website you can vote for your favorite language learning program and compare courses side by side.

The Blog of this excellent website is listed under category No. 6 - Online Resources for Learning Languages


- Assimil - http://fr.assimil.com/ = eng - fra - xxxxx - https://www.assimilwelt.com/  acc. to Methods/Assimil

- digital publishing - The international issue is not available (?) - deu - deu - eng - fra - ita - spa

- Euro Talk - language learning software - eng - xxxxx

- Linguaphonegroup  - acc. to Methods/Linguaphone - eng - xxxx

- Rosetta Stone.en - eng - Rosetta Stone.de - deu - Language Learning Success - xxxxx
Rosetta Stone has changed its policy and offers now only cloud-learning.

- Pimsleur Approach - eng > xxxxx

- Transparent Language - eng = xxxxx

- Unforgettable Languages - practical, realistic and fast resulting - eng - xxxxx

- Please let me know about obsolete and invalid links too. Thank you.

03 - Language Institutes

- https://www.fremdsprache.de/ - Alpha-Institut - Intensive courses in standard languages = deu > eng - fra - ita - spa 

- https://treffpunktsprachen.uni-graz.at/de/ - Meeting Point Languages - xxx

- http://www.fuu-heidelberg-languages.com/ - xxxxx - xxxxx

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