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Schedule for Language-Related Events

April 2016


These sites contain language-relevant dates and links, especially anniversaries such as “Day of the language”, fairs for books, education and languages and other events that may be associated with the acquisition and representation of languages and foreign languages in conjunction.

There were mainly recorded herein those dates that have an international respect. Of course, I always try to take into account the interests and wishes of the visitors to my sites, so if you want here to find also important regional events so please send me a short message.

Should you not find an important event or an important meeting in this list so I would kindly ask you also for your message. I will then try to prepare appropriate information for you.

For some events, especially foreign trade fairs, information regarding time or place is missing. These events are marked blue and are checked monthly for a possible upgrade. In such case this change will be highlighted in red for a week and then changed the status of the current selection.

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Important information and explanation, as well as useful links



- 2016 - these events will take place

- 2016 - new entry or upgrade of an event  (will be marked green after seven days)

- 2016 - event with missing information for time and/or place   
(is listed at the end of the month of the previous year at which it took place)

- 2016 - Fair or event which has already occurred



Please note the information on liability and use of all information at the end of this table!



2016 - Event series of different dates


2016 - JuBi - Youth Education Fairs,  Germany


Fair for student exchanges, high school, courses, internships, au pair, work & travel and volunteer services.

The dates of the fairs are distributed throughout the federal territory of Germany and throughout the year, some of them not yet fixed or known. Please check cities and dates listed below mentioned links, to reflect this in detail is outside the scope of this page. Thank you for your understanding.

http://www.weltweiser.de/messenauslandsaufenthalte.htm - deu

- http://www.weltweiser.de/aboutus.html - eng





2016 - April


2016-03-24 > 04-05

International Book Fair Alexandria
Internationale Buchmesse Alexandria


- http://www.internationalpublishers.org/events/book-fairs/event/77-alexandrina-

- http://bibalex.org/en/page/alexandrina

- http://www.dailynewsegypt.com/2013/03/25/book-fair-at-bibliotheca-alexandrina/




2016-03-29 > 04-10

Bangkok International Book Fair 2016, Bangkok, Thailand
Internationale Buchmesse Bangkok, Thailand


- http://www.pubat.or.th/index


- http://www.bangkokpost.com/lifestyle/26961_info_national-book-fair-bangkok-international-book-fair.html/editorailList 




Andersen-Day - International Children's Book Day
Andersen-Tag - Welttag des Kinderbuches


The World Day and International Day of the children's book takes place annually on 2 April. This is the birthday of the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen (April 2, 1805).


- http://www.ibby.org/269.0.html

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Children%27s_Book_Day

- http://globaldimension.org.uk/calendar/event/4690 


- http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationaler_Kinderbuchtag

- http://www.lebensfreude-wiederfinden24.de/internationaler-tag-des-kinderbuches/  




Language Fair - Foreign Languages and Literatures, Memphis, USA


- Theme: "25 Years of Bringing the World Together"

- You're connected, now communicate.


- http://memphis.edu/fl/fair/ 

2016-04-04 > 04-07 

Bologna Children's Book Fair, Bologna, Italy
Kinderbuchmesse Bologna 



- https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bologna_Children%E2%80%99s_Book_Fair

- http://www.kinderbuch-couch.de/kinderbuch-couch-special-48-kinderbuchmesse-bologna.html

- http://www.bookfair.bolognafiere.it/en/exhibitors/general-information/885.html




Congress Book - The New Book Fair for Basel, Switzerland
Begegnung Buch - Die neue Buchmesse für Basel, Schweiz






Day of Finnish Language
Tag der finnischen Sprache


The day of the Finnish language is celebrated on the one hand to mark the anniversary of the death of Mikael Agricola, the founder of written Finnish language and on the other hand the birth of Elias Lönnrot.


- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikael_Agricola

- http://www.kleiner-kalender.de/event/tag-der-finnischen-sprache/60224.html  



2016-04-12 > 14

The London Book Fair
Londoner Buchmesse


Making Word Go Further



- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Book_Fair

- https://www.facebook.com/thelondonbookfairexhibition

- http://www.buecher.at/show_content2.php?s2id=428



2016-04-13 > 17

Salon international du livre de Québec
Québec International Book Fair 
Internationale Buchmesse Québec



- http://www.quebecregion.com/en/special-events/salon-international-du-livre-de-quebec/ 




Day of Georgian Language
Tag der georgischen Sprache


The day of the Georgian language is celebrated on April 14, after that day in 1978, about 100,000 people took to the streets to demonstrate for the legitimacy of their mother tongue, which was revoked by a new constitution of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia. As a result, the Georgian language was declared as the official language by the 75th article of the Constitution.

- http://www.2tv.ge/en/news/view/49160.html - eng




Bilingual People, London, England


Internationals Fairs for International People, 
Europe largest and most successful Language Recruitment and Expat Fair organiser.

- Physical Event



- With respect to dates of virtual events please look here:  http://www.bilingualpeople.com/ 



2016-04-19 > 05-02

Feria Internacional del Libro de Bogotá
Internationale Buchmesse Bogotá


- Holanda invitato de honor


- http://en.investinbogota.org/bogota-international-book-fair-one-most-important-region 

- http://www.colombia.co/en/tourism/discover-filbo-the-international-book-fair-of-bogota.html 

- http://www.colombia.travel/de/jahrmarkte-und-feste/die-internationale-buchmesse 

- http://www.expodatabase.de/messe/filbo-internationale-buchmesse-3516.html 



UN Chinese Language Day
UN-Tag der chinesischen Sprache


The UN Day of the Chinese language is celebrated annually on 20 April. The event was established by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2010, to celebrate the "Multilingualism and Cultural Diversity" and to also promote the use of all six official working languages ​​of the organization.

April 20 was chosen as the date for the Chinese language in honor of Cang Jie, a mythical figure who invented the Chinese characters probably about 5,000 years ago. The first day of the Chinese language was celebrated in 2010 on 12 November, but as of 2011 is the date of April 20 in the Chinese calendar in about Guyu accordingly. The Chinese celebrate Guyu (this usually starts at about April 20) in honor of Cangjie, because according to legend, cried the gods and spirits, as Cangjie invented the Chinese characters and it rained millet. The word "Guyu" literally means "it rains millet".


- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UN_Chinese_Language_Day 

- http://www.un.org/zh/events/chineselanguageday/english.shtml

- http://www.kleiner-kalender.de/event/tag-der-chinesischen-sprache/77500.html 



2016-04-20 > 25

Sarajevo Book Fair, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo Buchmesse, Bosnien und Herzogina





2016-04-21 > 24

24st International Book Festival Budapest, Hungary
24. Internationales Buchfestival Budapest, Ungarn


- http://www.konyvfesztival.com/angol.html
- http://www.konyvfesztival.com/2016/kiallitoknak/index_magyar.html 



2016-04-21 > 05-09

Feria International del Libro de Buenos Aires 
Buenos Aires International Book Fair
Internatione Buchmesse Buenos Aires



- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buenos_Aires_International_Book_Fair 

- http://www.internationalpublishers.org/events/book-fairs/event/...



2016-04-22 > 23

studyworld, Berlin 
11th International Fair for Higher and Continuing Education 
11. Internationale Messe für Studium, Praktikum und akademische Weiterbildung, Berlin 


- StudyWorld 2016 provides guidance about studying and career at home and abroad.


- http://www.studyworld2015.com/en/

- http://www.studyworld2016.com/

- https://www.facebook.com/studyworld

- http://www.eventseye.com/fairs/f-studyworld-13379-1.html 




UNESCO-World Book Day - International Day of the Book
UNESCO-Welttag des Buches


- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Book_Day 


- http://www.welttag-des-buches.at/

- http://www.welttag-des-buches.at/site/fs_b.html

- http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welttag_des_Buches





World Day of the Castilian language in the Spanish language world


- http://www.scribd.com/doc/33130386/Day-of-Language-and-the-Book




UN - English Language Day
Internationaler UN-Tag der englischen Sprache


The 23.4. was chosen as the day of the English language, since this is the annual death of William Shakespeare.



- http://www.kleiner-kalender.de/event/tag-der-englischen-sprache/77494.html 



2016-04-27 > 05-01

Le 30e salon du livre et de la presse, Genéve
Geneva International Book, Press and Multimedia Fair  
Internationale Messe für Buch, Presse und Multimedia, Genf 


On se tient au courant! 



- http://www.salondulivre.ch/en/?slug= 

- http://www.messeninfo.de/Genfer-Buchmesse-M7961/Genf.html 

- http://www.messen.de/de/4939/genf/salon-du-livre-..... 



2016-04-27 > 05-03

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
Internationale Buchmesse Abu Dhabi



- http://visitabudhabi.ae/de/see.and.do/leisure/events/2015 - 2015

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Dhabi_International_Book_Fair

- https://www.facebook.com/ADBookFair 





Notes on liability and use of all information in this time table.


All information such as dates, topics and content of above-mentioned events is taken from publicly available information on the Internet. Solely the information provider or the respective organizer is responsible for its accuracy. www.foreign-languages-web.net can't take any liability with respect to damage of any kind or be held responsible.

Please note that all dates, links and content may change, so please search in case of need yourself.  Thank you for your understanding and acceptance. 




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All expired events 2015

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